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For those of you that already have a Millstat security system:

There are times when your system may not arm. If your security system reads "not ready" please put in your 4-digit security code and the #1 button. This should re-set your system so you may arm it. Remember to take your time. Your system is a state of the art "user friendly" system.

If your system reads "fault" then look aroung your home or office. There may be a door or window open that you are not aware of. Close the open door or window and put your code in and press the #1 buttton and your ready to arm your system as you normally would do.

Please refer to your user manual if you have any other questions or one of our qualified technicians will walk you through using your security system should you have a question.

There may be times when a service call is necessary. We will make every effort to work with your  busy schedule to accomodate you as quickly as possible.

Your homeowners insurance company  may offer our customers who have a security and/or fire system with central station monitoring a discount on your policy. Please call the office at 610-783-0181 to request a certificate for your insurance company.